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We take pride in our extensive experience in civil and corporate laws, specialized taxation, and civil litigation, Immigration Laws of UK and UAE Business Services Management and UAE residency & real estate services ensuring our clients receive comprehensive legal support.

Established in 1985, RZ & Co., and Roshan Zamir & Co., Advocates has been steadfast in navigating the intricate landscape of corporate tax laws in Pakistan. Our dedicated team adeptly handles a diverse range of clients, including multinationals, business entities, and individuals with various income sources, spanning salary income, property income, rental income, dividend income, and other sources of income. The forte of Roshan Zamir & Co., Advocates includes handling within Pakistan i.e. local and outside Pakistan i.e. international real estate transactions, ensuring seamless transfers and finalizing transactions while adeptly managing the financial aspects in compliance with local and international laws. We have successfully managed multi-million-dollar deals for local and international clients in pharmaceuticals, construction, real estate, investment, shipping, trade deals, and the energy sector. Our expertise extends to negotiating and drafting complex agreements and contracts, providing comprehensive legal support for our clients in their civil transactions and business contracts.

United Arab Emirates

RZ & Co. by the name and style of R.Z.E.B.M.S Business Services a Dubai based company has now expanded its operations/services in Pakistan, offering unique business opportunities for Pakistanis looking to establish a presence in Dubai, UAE. RZEBMS is enabling Pakistanis to open companies, start businesses, and secure residency in Dubai. This pioneering service, a first in Pakistan, includes assistance in various pathways to residency, such as forming a company, starting a business, or purchasing property in the UAE.
Additionally, RZ & Co. by the name and style of Z.R.A. Realtors a Dubai based company has also started providing realtor services for our beloved Pakistanis providing with Dubai real estate consultancy and advisory services, facilitating property transactions in Dubai, UAE, and holds certification from the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in Dubai, ensuring regulatory compliance and high-quality service for its clients.

United Kingdom

Our firm, RZ & Co., operates as a channel partner with a leading Immigration Law Firm in London, boasting a highly skilled team specializing in UK Immigration Laws. We provide exceptional support for Pakistani individuals seeking to obtain various types of UK visas, including work visas, visitor visas, spouse visas, student visas, and parent’s visas. Notably, we have achieved a 100% success rate in handling cases involving rejected UK visas, bans of certain years, as well as instances where leave to enter the UK is denied by the UK Border Force Agency at UK airports. Our proactive approach involves taking immediate action through stay applications, Pre-Action Protocols (PAP), appeals, judicial reviews, and pursuing damages cases in UK Courts.


A firm established in 1985 by late Mr. Roshan Zamir a senior attorney in Pakistan. Our Law Firm has been serving in Pakistan for more than three decades, specializing in the field of Corporate Tax laws and as well as in Civil Law Services.


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